Cognitive Builder was created to build engaged communities of thought leaders
and practitioners in Cognitive and Data industries.


The Cognitive Builder Course from Galvanize is an online course that includes training videos, tutorials and hands-on activities that is designed to help you become a data innovator with IBM Watson.

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Jean-Francois (Jeff) Omhover

Instructor, Sr Data Scientist

Innovative computer scientist with more than a decade of experience researching and teaching at a leading French engineering school. Empowerment driven instructor for PhD, graduate and undergraduate level students, with one foot always in the field. Manager of large-scale multidisciplinary scientific projects. Instrumental for the understanding of requirements, feasibility, user centered value and development strategy while providing technical and scientific leadership. Engaging collaboration with cross-functional teams such as product designers, mechanical engineers, sociologists, cognitive psychologists, marketing and end-users, to identify key intelligent technologies to support customer needs and business requirements. Prompt to prototype ideas, skilled in managing their development and communicate effectively with multiple stakeholders


Setting up Bluemix / Watson in Python


Introduction to Cognitive Technologies

  • What is Machine Learning?
  • Main components of BlueMix / Watson
  • Using ToneAnalyzer to detect emotions in natural language
  • Using VisualRecognition to classify images

Cognitive Technologies & Business

  • Opportunities offered by Cognitive Technologies
  • Designing an Intelligent product
  • Mining insights using Discovery
  • Designing a conversational agent using Conversation

Cognitive Design Roles

  • Solving a business problems with intelligent technologies
  • Intelligent system architecture
  • Deployment phase concerns and how to solve them

Develop a prototype

  • Development processes for intelligent products and systems
  • Developing a prototype based on ML/AI functionalities
  • Assembling components of the Bluemix Platform


Apply now for the Cognitive Builder course to learn how to frame data problems, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and their hands-on application using IBM Watson.

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Join an innovative community of application builders for an amazing 3-days of learning and discover how to become a data innovator. Whether you've been a data scientist for years or you are just getting started, this is the forum to engage with experts from leading research institutes and industry leaders to become the next-level application builder.


If you work in one of the following areas, this is a must attend event:

  • Data Science
  • Software Engineer
  • Technical Architect
  • Analytics Engineer/Developer
  • Data Engineer
  • Enterprise Architect
  • Solution Architect


Are you a development master? Do you have the need to share your knowledge with others? Or maybe you know someone who should show their technical know-how to the world? Apply to be a Master Sensei at the Cognitive Builder Faire.

We are actively seeking speakers for the following types of sessions:
Digital Transformation – Explore how businesses are undertaking digital transformations, rethinking what customers value most and creating operating models that take advantage of what's newly possible for competitive differentiation. Topics here will include services in strategy, design, cognitive and analytics, mobile and customer platforms.
Cognitive – Learn how to build cognitive computing into decisions and interactions. This stream will focus on how you can leverage Watson to build cognition into digital applications, products, and operations, using any one or combination of APIs. Topics here include Watson, the Watson IoT Platform, Industry solutions, and Cognitive IoT analytics.

Abstracts must be 2000 characters or less including references and spaces but not title and author listing. Whether the intent of the presentation is to present study or program evaluation results or to describe an approach that was taken toward dealing with an operational issue, the abstract should include the following:
• An informative title
• Background statement that explains why this topic is valuable to the attendee (e.g., what was the need, gap in knowledge, etc.).
• Skills gained from attending the tutorial (e.g. process improvements, technical advancement, clarity in understanding)
• Suggested skill level of attendee (e.g. beginner, intermediate, advanced)
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Join other technology skilled individuals and learn how to add IBM Cognitive DSX and Watson tools to your development arsenal.

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